Automate critical private cloud workflows with ServiceNow

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.NEXT is covered by Datormagazin in collaboration with Nutanix

The next major announced today was that the Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform is integrated with the ServiceNow IT and Operations solutions to automate critical private cloud workflows.

With this integration, ServiceNow customers can not only discover Nutanix HCI environments automatically, but also provide ServiceNow operators with access to Nutanix-powered IT services and direct notification of critical incidents within private clouds.

”Automation is the key to harnessing the power and flexibility of private cloud”

Monitor private cloud operations via integration with Nutanix’s X-Play automation engine built into Prism Pro. With a new X-Play action for ServiceNow, IT managers can leverage ServiceNow’s ITSM service to notify IT managers of critical incidents and alerts in their Nutanix-powered private cloud environment, such as when a host loses power, or a server is running out of capacity.

– Automation is the key to harnessing the power and flexibility of private cloud, removing mundane tasks so IT can focus on competitive differentiation through the use of the latest innovations, while future-proofing their infrastructure investment, said Rajiv Mirani, Chief Technical Officer of Cloud Platforms at Nutanix.

– By integrating Nutanix software with ServiceNow’s leading solution, we are making it easier to deliver end-to-end automation of infrastructure and application workflows so that private cloud can deliver the same simplicity and flexibility as public cloud services, said said Rajiv Mirani.

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