tisdag, januari 26, 2021
Netgear WAC564

Produktgenomgång: Netgear WAC564

Netgear WAC564 erbjuder optimal Wi-Fi-täckning med bästa tänkbara managementsystem för snabb distribution. Vi berättar hur den fungerar.

Produktgenomgång: Netgear WBC502

Netgear WBC502 är enkel men brilliant luftbrygga för långa avstånd. Ja, faktum är att den skickar vår trådlösa anslutning från Öland till fastlandet.

Kraften i power over ethernet – PoE

Power over ethernet, PoE, spänner över ett allt större produktspann. Vi reder ut begreppen och ger svar på vad det är och varför du också ska använda det.
Sylvain Siou

Sylvain Siou – Nutanix

”HPE and Nutanix have a long partnership which with the announcements from Anaheim earlier this year to deliver an integrated hybrid cloud as a Service (aaS) solution …
Dominic Maidment

Dominic Maidment – European Enterprise Architecture, Total Gas & Power

We are primary a UK based company within the gas market. We are today from ground up using a tech platform for almost all of our work and in all of our work is the customer satisfaction or delight everything

Thomas Knappe – Gyldendal A/S

I represent the largest publicity company in Denmark, and we handle most of the educational part in Denmark, especially for the ground school but also for the gymnasiums and partly the high school.
Dheeraj Pandey

Dheeraj Pandey – Nutanix

We started out with a goal to make infrastructure invisible and are now on the way to even make computing invisible – anywhere.
Claus Daugaard Hansen

Claus Daugaard Hansen – Perspektiva

We have been a partner and selling Nutanix solutions almost since day one, or at least since day one in Denmark.
Kendi Paet

Kendi Paet – Helmes AS

We have been using Nutanix for about 1,5 year now after that we migrated from a mix of Oracle and VMWare.
Alari Valter

Alari Valter – Lemeks AS

”We are a fairly new customer who has been running parts of the Nutanix portfolio for about 3 months.”