.NEXT is covered by Datormagazin in collaboration with Nutanix

”Ever since Nutanix was founded we have shown a resilience over ten years now. We started out with a goal to make infrastructure invisible and are now on the way to even make computing invisible – anywhere.

We work after three primary goals, which each of them can be divided in three subcategories. These are; Trusted – Secure, Always on and Resilient. Autonomous – Self Driving, Self-learning and Self-healing. Continuously – Delivery, Consumption and Mobility.

If we look a bit closer on the last part, Continuously, we often speak about subscriptions which I think is a great model since it gives customers a different options where they easy can add or change functions and services which gives a better value and more agility. I also want to stress the importance of mobility and the mixture of both the private and public cloud where our platform works seamless in both directions.

If we look back over these ten years, we can see an important year was 2013 when we really started to build everything around AHV. Since then we can also run AHV and ESXI in parallel and fully utilize the power of each solution. Other parts I often think of is the partners and customers that has followed us during al these years. Like the private bank, Delen, who has been with us since 2011 and steadily increase the number of nodes and where the company’s sister banks this year adopted Prism Pro and Flow and are pilots of both Beam and Era.

This solution is so easy that really everyone can manage the system

If we take a look at the newer products, we have Xi Leap – an amazing Disaster Recovery as a Service. This solution is so easy that really everyone can manage the system. You run this from Prism Central and it now contains some new functions like; NearSync, Protection Policies, Recovery Plans with support for Script bases runs.

As we al know a DR solution is not worth much if it doesn’t work. So, within Xi Leap you can test the DR setup and files backed or replicated with just a few clicks. One the most impressive parts in this is what we call fluid IP-addresses. Let’s say one site goes down and you have to use a replicated site. In this case Xi Leap will update the IP-addresses automatically and the user will never notice that something has happened. So if you have any interest in this you can try out Xi Leap for 30 days on Nutanix.com/leapnext19

Datormagazin riktar sig till avancerade och intresserade datoranvändare och är även det enda magasinet i Sverige som har en fast sektion för bevakning av Linuxområdet men vi skriver om alla operativsystem.

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