Ken Ringdahl – Veeam

VP, GLOBAL Alliance, Veeam


.NEXT is covered by Datormagazin in collaboration with Nutanix

”Nutanix and Veeam has been partners more or less since we started our companies. Veeam is a few years older but in many aspects, we have the same background and the done the same journey.

We share the same background and appreciate a wide, open and in the same time deep partnership both with each other but also with others like with HPE who is a great partner of both of our companies and when there are announcements like the deepened partnership between Nutanix and HPE we, and our customers, are just as happy.

We have an open and very close dialogue concerning almost every aspect of our businesses where I think that the responsiveness and respect for each other and the way we are being able to help out in different ways is one important foundation that both companies cherish.

The main reason we are here is that we are platinum sponsor but also to stay in contact with other partners and, maybe most important, to be able to talk directly to our current and potential customers, to hear what that want from us and from our partners and future collaborations. And as an interesting sidestep from this, Veeam is closing in on the final release of V10 which should be finished Beta2 testing in the near future and we hope to release the final product before the end of this year.

Besides from this we are also looking forward to an even tighter collaboration and partnership in the future and that we can grow stronger together.”

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