Nikola Bozinovic – ”We were early adopters of VDI solutions”

P/GM at Nutanix


.NEXT is covered by Datormagazin in collaboration with Nutanix

”I have been with Nutanix for about a year now since I, so to speak, came a long from the acquisition of Frame, a company where I was the CEO.”

One of the reasons Nutanix has grown so fast is that we were early adopters of VDI solutions which still make up of about one forth of our business. Our solutions has many similarities with VMWare’s Horizon but while their solution primary is a On-prem solution our is Cloud native but we can also run it On-prem and in hybrid mode with Azure, Google and other.

One of the greatest advantages with our solution is that all parts of the virtualization are under one name, Frame, while our competitors have several names for diffent parts. We also handle all management from one place, no matter if its On-prem, in the cloud or different hybrid solutions which gives our customers a single pane of glass.

We also offer our customer more or less complete freedom to choose, while mixing and matching between platforms in a way no other company can. In this you can even move or migrate data VM’s between for example Amazon and Google. Some parts can be handled totally automated but other processes needs, for time being, to be moved manually, but it can always be done.

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