.NEXT is covered by Datormagazin in collaboration with Nutanix

”We have been a partner and selling Nutanix solutions almost since day one, or at least since day one in Denmark.

During this period we have seen an increased interest from both our customers but also the market in general. This is one of the reasons that we, ourselves, has started to plan a migration to the Nutanix platform, a decision that only has been reality for five days but after we are done al instances will run Nutanix, so we are going 100% all in.

maybe the most important part with Nutanix is simplicity

During our own phase and planning we have had some contact with a Nutanix Technician but most of the process we already know. Although, in every situation we needed help both as customer and partner we have always received full help and a great treatment. I would say that maybe the most important part with Nutanix is simplicity, they make al the hardwork disappear beneath the surface so to speak and if something would happen they will solve it right away.

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Datormagazin riktar sig till avancerade och intresserade datoranvändare och är även det enda magasinet i Sverige som har en fast sektion för bevakning av Linuxområdet men vi skriver om alla operativsystem.

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