tisdag, maj 18, 2021
Claus Daugaard Hansen

Claus Daugaard Hansen – Perspektiva

We have been a partner and selling Nutanix solutions almost since day one, or at least since day one in Denmark.

Peter Andreasson – Arrow ECS Sweden

We have been a partner for many years now, I would say a bit over five years. We started working with Nutanix because they have a great momentum and are extremely agile.

Kirkka Kivilo – SMIT (IT and Development Centre at the Estonian Ministry of the...

We have been customers to Nutanix for more the five years and today we are the second largest customer in our region with more then 9000 units.
Ken Ringdahl, VP, Global Alliance, Veeam

Ken Ringdahl – Veeam

Nutanix and Veeam has been partners more or less since we started our companies. Veeam is a few years older but in many aspects, we have the same background and the done the same journey.