Kirkka Kivilo – SMIT (IT and Development Centre at the Estonian Ministry of the Interior)

Infrastructure Architect


.NEXT is covered by Datormagazin in collaboration with Nutanix

We are one of the early adopters of Nutanix. But since we, due to our work, has extremely legal based restrictions and run all of our systems on/premesis we don’t and can’t use all of the Nutanix features.

We have been customers to Nutanix for more the five years and today we are the second largest customer in our region with more then 9000 units.

SMIT handles, among other things, IT, Border Control, Rescue services , Emergency response services, The ministry itself and the Estonia academy of science and al of these are in some way connected through parts of Nutanix portfolio and managed through Prism. And the most impressive part is that we manage to do this with only 3 persons and al of us are here today.

But as I say, even if we like now, al are away from the system, we are never worried that something will go wrong, since we trust in our system. And here I got to say that during theses last year, Nutanix has done a tremendous work with the platform which continuously is getting better and more complete.

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Datormagazin riktar sig till avancerade och intresserade datoranvändare och är även det enda magasinet i Sverige som har en fast sektion för bevakning av Linuxområdet men vi skriver om alla operativsystem.

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