Thomas Knappe – Gyldendal A/S

Head of IT Operations


.NEXT is covered by Datormagazin in collaboration with Nutanix

I represent the largest publicity company in Denmark, and we handle most of the educational part in Denmark, especially for the ground school but also for the gymnasiums and partly the high school.

But in general, we cover every aspect of the printed book media here. We don’t have or own any bookstores since our business is directly with the writers. We store data in the cloud through Azure and Amazon but when we look at on-prem where most of our data is located then we use Nutanix. We don’t keep so many of our books on the cloud it’s more like dictionaries that could be places in these areas.

Earlier we used a 3-partsolution with processor power, networking and storage but since a couple of years we run a hyper converged solution with 90% of the data on-prem. We are testing some parts in the cloud but in all of these cases we will run a hybrid solution and we will only use it if it feels right and works the way we want.

If you look over time the hybrid solutions are almost always most cost efficient. So we have to look at al the aspects when new solutions shall take place and if these shall be built for private och public clouds. In this aspect we think its most interesting with Nutanix subscription bases solutions. Since we don’t want to look us into one long term agreement. It’s a bit like your own Netflix subscription. Although you like it this doesn’t mean you want to be tied up for five years, so why should we do this with our network or infrastructure – we want the high flexibility.

One part that many companies miss is that, although it’s easy to switch between different platforms there is always a risk that the skills you have in house don’t come to the same use after a switch and that you afterwards miss a part, competence wise. This is also a reason to choose a hybrid solution. Then to the question to run on-prem or the cloud, I generally say that if you have the skills inhouse, run on-prem, if you don’t go by the cloud.

already after one month everything was up and running rock stable and Nutanix had helped us move 5-600 VMs

During our past years we have had some serious problems with different vendors. It started with a huge investment in a system that was so bad and had so many problems that we after 1.5 year returned the complete investment. We then came in contact with Nutanix who said that they would help us and if they didn’t solve our problems and everything would work as we wanted within 6 months, they would take everything back. But already after one month everything was up and running rock stable and Nutanix had helped us move 5-600 VMs. I am most impresses with Flow where everything just works, from day one and the visibility of Prism.

Datormagazin riktar sig till avancerade och intresserade datoranvändare och är även det enda magasinet i Sverige som har en fast sektion för bevakning av Linuxområdet men vi skriver om alla operativsystem.

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